A Sweet Opportunity


A Sweet Opportunity

The Brand

From it’s early conceptual beginnings, to the popular, thriving brand it has become today, FROST has made an indelible mark on dessert lovers near and far. Our doughnuts have created waves in the industry, quickly redefining them from common pastry to something worthy of celebration. In fact, Seattle Metropolitan Magazine gave our doughnuts both the #1 and #2 slots for the best doughnuts in Seattle. We’ve also been featured on The Food Network, having won “Donut Showdown”, a television series frequently shown on the Cooking channel.

In our first year of business, from our small Mill Creek bakery, we sold $1M in doughnuts giving us confidence not only in the appeal of our brand, but the quality of our product. As our fan base and industry recognition continues to grow, customers are streaming in from miles around, all excited to taste what they have heard so many great things about. FROST has truly become a “love” brand.

In 2014 we opened FROST Dessert Lounge, a whimsical and luxurious place to enjoy not only the doughnuts that made us famous, but a carefully curated line of cupcakes and French macarons as well. Seattle Eater calls our unique cupcakes “Wonka-esque” for their unique flavors and delightful designs, and our handmade French macarons are quickly developing a cult following of their own.

With this expansion we also debuted our own signature coffee line, with beans locally roasted by Seattle’s Victrola Coffee Company. Carefully selected to pair beautifully with our desserts, this complex and luxurious coffee is seen as a welcome upgrade to Seattle’s more common and ubiquitous coffee offerings.

The FROST Experience

FROST is an experience of the senses. Upon entering, a sweet, intoxicating scent is accompanied by a vivid array of freshly made treats glistening in the case. Surprising varieties - many never-before- seen. Are these just doughnuts, cupcakes and macarons - or something even more special? Something evolved?

While our doughnuts and desserts draw the most attention, the surroundings are a feast for the eyes as well. Rich dark chocolate is paired with luscious pink and creamy accents, framed by crisp-white mill-work. It has the familiar touches of an old fashioned sweet shop, but with a decidedly modern feel. It’s a setting that satis es both our grab-and-go culture and invites customers to linger for coffee, a decadent dessert, or even a glass of wine.

Our guest is greeted and treated to world-class customer service that rises to the level of our wonderful treats. From the shop, to the product, to the box our products are packed in - a guest of FROST is treated to a decadent experience like no other. 

Doughnuts Evolved

While we are true to the rich American heritage of the doughnut, we recognize that tastes have changed and today’s consumers are looking for more sophisticated flavors.

Our “Evolved” range includes innovative and luxurious flavors such as Marcona Almond and Tart Cherry, Salted Caramel, Southern Red Velvet, Matcha and Lemongrass, and Aztec Chocolate featuring hints of cinnamon and cayenne. 

Many of these varieties, such as our Smokey Bacon Maple Bar, sell out daily. In fact, Sunset Magazine writer Jess Thompson declared “The quarter-pound best seller is possibly the first doughnut popular enough to generate a reservation system”.

Our menu changes seasonally, and along with exciting new introductions throughout the year, there is always something fresh and new at FROST.

FROST has proven that the doughnut can be viewed as not only a traditional breakfast item, but also a decadent dessert. Our doughnuts are given as gifts, served for dessert at weddings and other high pro le events, and inspire fans to participate in the creation of new varieties. For National Doughnut Day, FROST holds and annual doughnut design contest that brings in hundreds of new flavor ideas - with the winning flavor appearing on our menu rotation. This campaign engages our guests by including them in the process, which encourages participation and inspires enthusiasm. 

FROST Cakes & French Macarons

When we decided to expand our product line beyond our signature doughnuts, we did not take the prospect lightly. We knew that any dessert bearing the FROST name would have to rise to the same level of uncompromising quality and inspiring flavor we are known for.

After months of concepting, baking, tasting - and going back to the drawing board many times, we developed signature recipes for our decadent cupcakes (FROST Cakes) and authentic French macarons that would stand up to our customer’s expectations. 

In doing so we have created a following for our new treats as well, and are seeing sales increase steadily across the board. Our macaron sales in particular have exceeded our expectations and we have brought on additional staff and equipment to meet the demand.

Just as with our doughnuts, our FROST Cake and macaron varieties change with the season, or whenever we get creative and want to experiment with new fun and exciting new flavors! Flavors like Passionfruit Jam, Blueberry Lemongrass, and Chocolate Absinthe to name a few.

Artisan Coffee

What goes better with doughnuts than coffee? In our original location we weren’t permitted to serve espresso due to an exclusivity arrangement by a large coffee company and our shared landlord. While we served delicious drip coffee, we always knew that if we applied the FROST touch to co ee it would be something special.

We went to our friends at Seattle’s Victrola Coffee Company to create a bespoke coffee roast that would make our guests think twice about their coffee-chain habits and upgrade their experience. The result was a complex and satisfying roast that is bold but doesn’t mask it’s unique flavor profile with over-roasting like many mass-market brands. 

And where our signature espresso delights our guests in our store, our first at-home blend, “Lucylle” gives our guests a taste of FROST at home. You may even have met Lucylle, the founder's mother, who before her passing in April of 2016 was a regular fixture at our Mill Creek Town Center store since the day we opened!

While we are of course known for our decadent desserts, our coffee offering is coming into it’s own, and has become an important component of the evolving FROST concept. 



With the introduction of our Lincoln Square in Bellevue location, FROST Luncheonette was born. A carefully curated selection of savory lunch items all made fresh in-house. Sandwiches that are grilled to order and offered in mouthwatering varieties such as Roast Beef & Baby Arugula or our Curried Turkey and Apricot bring in a daily stream of guests and increase sales during historically slower lunchtime hours. Also offered under the FROST Luncheonette brand are scratch-made soups served with our own house-made artisan bread.


To create the perfect place to treat yourself for every member of the family, we serve wine, champagne, and mimosas at our Mill Creek and Bellevue locations. What could be better than a kid-friendly environment where mom can enjoy a glass of wine or dad a local cider while the kids enjoy FROST's sweet treats? Sundays are a favorite day for mimosas featuring local Treveri sparkling wine and fresh orange juice.


Now you have the opportunity to own a piece of doughnut-making history and join us on the ground floor of the future of FROST. We have new and exciting locations slated for 2017 and you can be a part of bringing the sweetness of FROST to more neighborhoods in the Puget Sound and beyond.

Should you decide to proceed, complete the form below to qualify for access to the Preferred Placement Memorandum which will outline the offer in detail in including share price, projections, and details about how we intend to take FROST into the future. You are of course invited to contact us directly to discuss the opportunity in greater detail and learn more about us as a company.


To get started, complete and submit the form below. Once reviewed, you will be contacted with instructions on how to access investment documents and further information. Please note that by law, certain qualifications must be met to be eligible to receive this offer.

Once your submission has been received we will contact you with further information. Thank you for your interest in joining us on this journey!