Frost Doughnuts - Mill Creek 

Gastronomer  April 14th, 2010.

Following a sugary breakfast of crumpets and waffles, The Astronomer, Rosalind, and I boarded an express bus to seek out even more sweets to stuff down our gullets. My friend and Seattle native Alice scooped us up from a random bus stop somewhere north of the city and drove us to Mill Creek, the home of a glorious little doughnut shop called Frost. Although the trip was comparable to traveling from Pasadena to Glendora to visit The Donut Man, the voyage somehow seemed more epic because we were in a foreign land. Plus, gray skies and rainfall always add a bit more drama to any situation.

Opened in July 2009, Frost aims to make the best doughnuts anyone has ever tasted. Alice, a connoisseur of all things delicious, is a huge fan of the shop’s sophisticated, indulgent, and gourmet offerings. To taste as many flavors as possible, Alice and I split a dozen doughnuts ($16) between our two parties. Purchased a la carte, doughnuts are priced between 99 cents and $1.89.

The Astronomer, Rosalind, and I carefully chose six doughnuts—clockwise starting from top left—a French Cruller with Maple, an Aztec Chocolate, a Lemon Bismarck, a  Bavarian Crème Bismarck, a Smokey Bacon Maple Bar, and a Strawberries & Creme.

The French cruller was studded with airy pockets that made it so incredibly light and eggy that we swore we were eating a sweetened popover. The maple icing had hints of real maple syrup.

The Aztec Chocolate was comprised of a moist chocolate cake doughnut iced with a cinnamon-cayenne ganache , and topped with chocolate shavings. I loved the bold spicy notes and how the thin shards of chocolate melted in the afternoon sun.

Just as Alice promised, the textures of the Bismarcks were downright perfect. The Astronomer adored the  tart and unabashedly lemony curd filling.

I was a bigger fan of the Bavarian crème variety, because smooth vanilla custard is more my style.

The doughnut that made me close my eyes and tilt my head in utter bliss was none other than the Smokey Bacon Maple Bar. A maple bar is pretty amazing on its own; add to it freshly fried bacon crumbles, and man oh man, this baby is a heart breaker. Heck, it’s breaking my heart at this very moment because there are 1,158 miles between us. Nickel Diner can’t compete.

And lastly, a pretty in pink strawberry cake doughnut topped with whipped cream. We loved how the doughnut was full of fresh fruit.

We headed back to the city with a box full of half eaten doughnuts and happy thoughts of Frost.

Dear God, Please bring Frost Doughnuts to Los Angeles. Love, Cathy.