National Doughnut Day would not be the same without the Design your Dream Doughnut Contest. Every year we ask our guest to send us their ideal treat, their “Dream Doughnut”. The winning suggestions are incorporated into FROST’s rotating menu, and the winning Dreamer receives a $100 FROST gift card.  We review all the hopefuls, this year the three finalists were: The Apricot Ginger Fritter by Kirk S, The Hazelnut Cream Bismarck by Jeongsun O, and The Chai Old Fashioned by Daryl A.

For the first time since the contest’s inception we had a tie vote. In the end we crowned both The Chai Old Fashioned and Apricot Ginger Fritter the victors. Look for both flavors to be added to our rotating menu this fall at the earliest!

Congratulations again Daryl and Kirk!