By Tom Douglas April 8th 2010

Those of us commuters exiled to the suburbs often take heat from our city folk friends about how we dwell in a culinary wasteland.  And while dining density may be lagging, you cannot knock us about boring doughnuts.  Not anymore.

Downtown Mill Creek’s FROST Doughnuts stands as a shiny haven of sophisticated sugar to shut up any urbanite.  The cases are kaleidoscopic displays of classics like basic cake and pillowy French crullers to fancy-schmancy tongue-tinglers they call “Evolved:” dreamy Bourbon Pecan, spicy Aztec Chocolate, lush, white Wedding Cake (so pretty you’ll cry!) and Southern Red Velvet under sweet cream cheese icing.  They’re all so round and smooth you just want to cuddle them.

Yes, city pals, FROST Doughnuts is worth the commute.  Suddenly the North End got a little closer, huh?