FROSTING ON MY WHAT? The new “Frost Doughnuts” is the cats ME-WOW!!!…

By Lisa Hilderbrand September 9th, 2009

OMG – it’s a Smokey Bacon Maple Bar & Bourbon Carmel Pecan doughnut with creamy frosting!

On my way out to my next meeting yesterday, I visited “Frost Doughnuts”, because I thought it would be a good idea to bring something yummy out to the guys at the meeting. Guys love doughnuts right? Oh yea…the guys loved them!

Innovation, imagination and creation is the mantra at the new “Frost Doughnuts” in Mill Creek (in tough times like these, I think that’s what we all need)…

These doughnuts are no ordinary doughnuts… they put the “extra” in extraordinary! These hand-crafted gourmet doughnuts have definately EVOLVED for the better!

Now, I know what you might be thinking…Doughnuts? What? Yep, so was I, but this is not Winchell’s anymore Toto! These doughnuts are made in soy oil, so there’s no “after” film on the top of your mouth like others that are made in palm or other oils. These doughnuts are like little cakes or brownies (dense but light) and are absolutely delicious. They’ve got all kinds of different frostings, and ingredients, like white chocolate truffle, bourbon caramel pecan, banana split fritter, PB&J raised Bismarck, Azteca chocolate, German chocolate, the list is long, and the new flavors are “top secret”!


Three friends got together who have never had any experience in doughnut making, restaurant, etc., but wanted to come up with a business that was easy on the paycheck, family friendly, and creative (this is where the innovation, imagination and creativeness came in for them). In my opinion they’ve done it. Their “Premium” doughnut is only $1.89 – (you can barely buy a candy bar for that these days – and cheaper then a cupcake!)…

They’re located in the new Mill Creek Towne Center (which is really cool too, with lots of other new and cool restaurants, shops, etc.) at 15421 Main street, Ste 102, Mill Creek, WA 98012 – you can even order ahead (which is a good idea, because they sell out of the Smokey Bacon Maple Bar everyday) – call them at 425-379-2600.

Please visit them online at: