Spotlight: FROST Desserts

The Snoqualmie Staff, September 26th, 2014

FROST Desserts is located in Mill Creek, and their desserts are amazing.  From the Froissant to their French Macarons, FROST does not dissapoint. 

We decided that it would be fun to come up with some ice cream and FROST pairings!  Here is what we came up with...


Clockwise, starting from the top-left corner: Oatmeal Cookie Macaron + Danish Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, Maple French Cruller + Honey Cinnamon Custard, Grizzly Hard Apple Cider Fritter + Honey Cinnamon Custard, Glazed Froissant + Ginger Ice Cream

We also did a little interview with our friends at FROST so that you can all learn more!

Q: What is the story behind FROST?  Who started it, and why?
A: FROST began as the vision of three best friends to create the best gourmet doughnuts anyone could ever taste. After being internationally recognized for our doughnut shop's success and winning the The Food Network's 2013 Doughnut Showdown, FROST was able to expand into a dessert lounge in order to offer the Seattle metropolitan cupcakes, French macarons, and other delectable treats with the same gourmet freshness of our doughnuts.

Q: Where did the name ‘FROST’ come from?
A: FROST came from one of our owner's love of putting frosting on everything.

Q: What is the most popular dessert item at FROST?
A: Our Smokey Bacon Maple Bar has always been our best seller. We go through 250 lbs. of bacon every week.

Q: What is the most popular frozen custard at FROST?
A: Since we've recently switched to Chai frozen custard, our fans have been raving about it.

Q: Do you see any new upcoming dessert trends?
A: Yes! We're experimenting now with using locally sourced liqueurs as special sauces for our desserts. It's always fun and enlightening to research the trends that are taking place on the east coast, and also what's happening in the patisseries and boulangeries of Paris and the rest of Europe. I've often found inspiration in less trodden areas, like using spices that are popular in desserts in the Middle East and South Asia. We've experimented in the past with florals like rose, or with "exotic" spices like cardamom. Some were winners, others were flops. It's a fine line, balancing upcoming flavors and dessert ideas with what will sell in our current market. Once we have more locations, we'll be able to experiment to a greater extent with a more urban palate so that new demographics can experience the truly artisan taste of FROST.

Q: Any new frozen custard flavors in the future?

Q: What’s the craziest dessert you’ve ever made?
A: Our Cuban Pete this past summer really pushed the envelope for the Mill Creek crowd, and it was a surprise hit. The guava cream cheese-filled bismarck with key lime frosting was the idea of this year's winner for the FROST Design You Dream Doughnut Contest.


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